Full Moon in July 2023: Date, Facts, and Observation Tips

Full Moon in July 2023: Date, Facts, and Observation Tips

Full Moon in July 2023

The full moon in July 2023The full moon in July 2023 will occur on Monday, July 3. It will be classified as a supermoon, characterized by its slightly larger size and heightened brightness compared to a regular full moon. This phenomenon arises due to the moon's proximity to Earth in its orbit, known as perigee.

Moon Names

The full moon in July is commonly referred to as the Buck Moon. This appellation originates from the male deer, or buck, which grows new antlers during the summer. These antlers are initially covered in a soft, velvety skin, which eventually falls off by the time the full moon appears, revealing the solid, polished antlers. Another name for this moon is the Thunder Moon, likely attributed to the higher occurrence of thunderstorms during July compared to other months.

Observation Details

On the evening of July 3, the Buck Moon will rise in the eastern horizon at approximately 9:00 pm local time. It will reach its peak illumination at 7:39 am EDT (11:39 GMT) the next day. The moon will set in the western sky at around 6:00 am the following morning. To optimize your viewing experience, it is advisable to seek out a clear location away from the interference of city lights. Utilizing a telescope or binoculars can also provide a closer and more detailed observation.

Interesting Facts

Aside from the aforementioned details, here are some additional intriguing facts about the full moon in July 2023:

  • It will mark the first full moon of the summer season.
  • It will be the third supermoon of the year.
  • It will be the closest full moon to Earth since January 2022.
  • It will be the brightest full moon since January 2022.

The full moon in July is a captivating and remarkable spectacle. If given the opportunity, I highly recommend taking the time to witness this celestial event. The experience is certain to leave a lasting impression.

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